Special Events

Special Events Drone Video & Photography Services

Drones are paving the way with new and innovative ways of capturing special events video and photography. When coupled with way-point flight automation software, we are able to perform complex aerial maneuvers safely and with ease. Below are just a few of our featured events services. For other outdoor events, feel free to get in touch.


Outdoor Weddings

Wedding planners are tapping into drone services due to a high demand from clients. Being able to capture stunning overhead shots of the wedding party, makes it an excellent addition to the more traditional wedding photography. From botanical gardens to country clubs to beach weddings, drones are a must for capturing that once in a lifetime moment from unique perspectives.

Sporting Events

Drones are able to get right up to the action at any sporting event ensuring the viewer doesn’t miss a thing. Another great benefit is the ability to capture an event and broadcast it live. With live broadcast capabilities, it’s easy to see why drones are the future for coverage at sports events. Fast pace sports, like soccer, cycling, and football can benefit from the drones ability to safely track and follow athletes on and over the field. Using aerial footage in your online marketing is also a huge benefit. It adds new perspective, excitement, and interest to your website or social media platforms.

Music Videos & Outdoor Venues

Music videos and outdoor venues are utilizing the ease and cost-effectiveness of drones. While helicopters are becoming a thing of the past in most of the video word, drones are a more versatile and practical option. Let us help you to get those closeup flybys and overhead shots without breaking your budget.

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